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A discussion system is composed of delegates' microphone units, a president's microphone unit and the central unit. This transmits the speaker's spoken word clearly and understandably to the interpreters or to a sound system.



Delegate microphone unit

Delegates can have their say by activating the microphone. With an additionally installed loudspeaker and headphone connection, a delegate microphone unit can also serve as a supportive hearing aid.


President's microphone unit

The president or leader of the discussion group has the power to mute one or all delegates. In addition, delegates can announce themselves by activating the microphone to the president, who then gives the speaker the right to speak. 


Central Office

The main task of the Central Office is to consolidate all sound signals for transmission to the interpretation system, the sound system in the room or to external recording devices. In addition, the tasks requested by the President, such as muting all microphones (priority) and registering the next speakers, are monitored here. In addition, the maximum number of participants speaking at the same time can be limited.


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